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fierce independence causing problems podcast
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Fierce Independence Revealed

Are you fiercely independent? Does it get in the way of your relationships? Your well-being? In this episode, Jeanna gets real about her difficulties as a fiercely independent woman. She talks about how she came to be fiercely independent, how she let being...

deep fear podcast
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Digging Deep into Our Fears

While Vince and Jeanna have enjoyed producing these podcasts for you, sometimes they are a struggle. This one about their struggles with the podcast was no different. In this episode, they dig deep into their fears to address where they really come from. It takes a...

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Triggers and the Drinking Habit Loop

A common concern for alcoholics is how to deal with the things that trigger them to drink. In fact, many relapses happen at the start of a trigger. Familiar environments, people, or events launch a thought in the alcoholic's brain that says, “let’s deal with this...

alcohol podcast
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Fun with Carol and Anna Part 1

Fun with Carol and Anna Part 1 And boy did we have fun. In this first part, Anna shares her story of recovery, isolation, and connecting with nature. It’s a short episode full of laughter. Highlights in this Episode Include: How alcoholics don’t understand fun...

mental health and alcoholism podcast
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Fun With Carol and Anna Part 2

Fun with Carol and Anna Part 2 Gears switch drastically as we continue this episode of “Fun with Carol and Anna” on a more serious note. Carol talks about her multiple addictions, experience with mental institutions, and growing up in a critical home. It’s...

recovery from meth addiction podcast
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Roban’s Story and Driving Miss Jeanna

Recovery from Meth Addiction and Childhood Trauma In this episode, Vince meets Roban, Jeanna’s taxi driver from “back in the day”. Roban tells her story of how she was introduced to her drug of choice (meth) and quickly became addicted. She also shares with us how...

When Enabling Becomes Abuse
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When Enabling Becomes Abuse

When Enabling Becomes Abuse For many of us, helping is part of our nature. We want to help our children, our parents as they age. and our partners. Unfortunately, sometimes our desire to help leads to more harm than good. That helping becomes enabling. Do you know...

Self care for the recovering addict
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8 Areas of Self-Care

Self Care for the Recovering Alcoholic Do you have trouble determining the difference between selfishness and self-care? If so, this episode is for you. Often, the recovering alcoholic feels guilty when they provide themselves with self-care because it means they...

Child abuse, alcoholism and recovery
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Randy’s Stormy Path to Recovery

In this episode: Randy's story about his path to recovery Vince: All right, Gina, here we go. Another podcast and I am so excited about our guest today. Jeanna: You want to tell me about him? Vince: This is a longtime friend of mine. We go back years. [00:00:51]...

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Gail Breaks Free with Boundaries

Co-dependency and the need for boundaries.   Last week we met Randy who told us what was like to grow up in an extremely violent environment. This week we meet his wife, Gail, as she tells her own story growing up and how her childhood led to co-dependency....

Am I an Alcoholic Worksheet
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Am I an Alcoholic? Podcast Episode & Worksheet

Drugs, alcohol, food—any of these may be causing havoc in your life, but does that mean you’re addicted? If your life isn’t going the way you would like and you think an addiction may be the problem, listen along as Vince and Jeanna explore five signs that may identify you as an alcoholic and how those same five signs could also identify other potential addictions.

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The Purpose of Back Porch Chats

Meet Vince and Jeanna as they talk about the purpose of this podcast. Discover Jeanna's passion behind the project. Other highlights in this episode include discussion on: How we hide the shame of abuse. Detailing as an effect of shame. The benefit of having a...


7 Motivational Tips for Sobriety Success

Congratulations! You have decided you want sobriety success! You've suffered through the withdrawals, and now you have to face the trials of daily life. You're scared, uncertain that you will succeed, and obsessed with the fact that you can no longer drink. In...