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Recovery from Meth Addiction and Childhood Trauma

In this episode, Vince meets Roban, Jeanna’s taxi driver from “back in the day”. Roban tells her story of how she was introduced to her drug of choice (meth) and quickly became addicted. She also shares with us how her daughter saved her from that life only to follow a similar path. As a bonus, you will hear laughter and pain in a taxi driver’s story.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • How her children knew about her addiction.
  • How giving her testimony and being baptized changed her life.
  • Stories of a taxi driver.
  • How she had to detach from the daughter that saved her because of addiction.
  • The day she discovered she had experienced molestation as a child and how she has internalized it.
  • How telling her story can help others.

Roban’s Bio

Roban has over 20 years in recovery. She currently lives in Oregon and cares for her mother while running her nail and jewelry businesses. If you want to support Roban, you can find her at Purdy River VIP Nails by Roban.


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