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An Entrepreneur in Recovery:

Recovering from addiction and alcoholism means healing more than just the desire to self-medicate. Louise uncovers some of that in her story about healing from co-dependency and past trauma to having a recovery baby and building a new business. Listen in as we have a conversation with Louise about being an entrepreneur in recovery and how she applies the principles she learned in recovery to her work ethic and relationships.

Now sober. Now what?

For some, the next step in recovery is to completely rebuild their lives. That’s exactly what Louise did when she got married, had a baby, bought a house, and started a business.

In this episode, Louise tells Vince and Jeanna about her relapses, why she struggled to stay sober, recovering from sexual abuse, and her new business making custom candles.

Episode Highlights:

  • Multiple relapses and what went wrong each time.
  • Balancing co-dependence and independence to achieve interdependence.
  • The hesitation that came from Vince’s speaking at “The Family Afterward”.
  • Benefits of talking about sexual abuse.
  • Louise’s fingerprint on “Simply Sober Self-Care” and how she practices self-care.
  • Turning candle-making for self-care into an adventure in entrepreneurship.

To Get in Touch with Louise and Purchase Her Candles

Louise loves custom orders and is ready to fill yours whether it’s a special gift, choosing the right essential oils, or designing a look for your décor, Louise is interested in your project. You can learn more at:

Website: https://heartlightcandlesandgifts.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartLightCandlesandGifts/

Email: Louise@heartlightcandlesandgifts.com

And remember, during recovery month, the proceeds from every Recovery Month and Back Porch Chats candle gets donated to support those projects.

Do You Struggle with Self-Care?

Louise’s question about self-care sparked my interest in creating Simply Sober Self-Care: An 8-Week Course to Help You Beat “I Need a Drink” Thinking. To learn more about self-care and build the tools you need to stay strong in recovery, check out this link.

Simply Sober Self-Care: An 8-Week Course to Help You Beat “I Need a Drink” Thinking

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