Gastric Bypass and Alcohol Addiction podcast

Alcohol Addiction After Gastric Bypass

If you have had, are considering having, or have a loved one who is considering having gastric bypass, you will want to listen to this episode. One of the leading difficulties amongst gastric bypass patients is the development of alcohol addiction post-surgery. In this episode, Shana talks about her insecurities with her weight, her decision to get the gastric sleeve, and how she quickly began substituting food addiction with alcohol, known as transfer addiction.

Transfer addiction, or replacing one addiction with another, is common among many addicts and something everyone quitting an addiction should be aware of. It’s one of the reasons Back Porch Chats is devoted to bringing you information about healing beyond addiction. Listen in as Shana talks to us about her experience and what she did to find sobriety.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • Having insecurities as a child and difficulties with anxiety that led to enjoying food.
  • Making the decision to have weight loss surgery and getting the warning against alcohol during pre-op.
  • Feeling amazing when drinking for the first time after surgery.
  • Obsessing over alcohol during pregnancy and the drinking after that created shame leading to suicidal thoughts.
  • Letting go of alcohol as a young person with the hope of fun and the defiance of youth.
  • Relapse and surrender.
  • Recovery from alcohol with a dual diagnosis.
  • Dealing with attention and sexuality after weight loss.
  • Facebook group for weight loss surgery patients.

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