overdose death podcast episode

Listen in as we talk about overdose death with Julie Waters and what families can do to honor the loved one they lost.

International Overdose Awareness Day, August 31, is approaching fast, and here at Back Porch Chats, our goal is to heighten your awareness of the tragedy that drug addiction brings to both those who suffer and the families that have to endure life after loss. Stay tuned this week as we bring stories highlighting the life, death, and survivors of drug use.

In this episode, we talk to Julie Waters who lost her son to overdose as she tells Jace’s story including how his path to addiction began with prescribed medications after an injury, how it progressed, the problems the family went through as a result, and Jace’s eventual death while attempting to get help from the family.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • Why sharing our stories is important.
  • The stigma of addiction to the families.
  • Information about the International Overdose Day event in Mobile.
  • How people can honor their pain and the loved ones they lost during the event.
  • What families can do to heal from grief.

Contact Julie Waters and the Jace Waters Foundation for Transitional Living of Alabama:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheJaceWatersFoundation

Website: www.jacewatersfoundation.org


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