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Fun with Carol and Anna Part 2

Gears switch drastically as we continue this episode of “Fun with Carol and Anna” on a more serious note. Carol talks about her multiple addictions, experience with mental institutions, and growing up in a critical home. It’s important to know that if you deal with mental illness, you are not alone. There are others out there dealing with the same issues. Listen to Carol’s story to connect.

Apologies for the sound. We had some mike problems.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • Coping through college and shyness with alcohol.
  • The medical issues that arise in a child because of anxiety and depression.
  • The stigma behind and results of growing up in a family with mental illness.
  • Going in and out of psych hospitals and mental institutions over thirty times.
  • Dealing with inner rage by cutting, suicide attempts, and self-abuse.
  • Finding the solution in a 12-step program.
  • Learning who she was in recovery and getting comfortable with being Carol.
  • Living free from alcohol and with nature and art.

You can get in touch with Carol to enjoy a kayak trip on the waters of Lower Alabama or purchase her art here:

Facebook Business Page

Fairhope Boat Company

5 Rivers

Jubilee Suites Boutique Hotel

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