About Us and Our Addiction Recovery Podcast

We are dedicated to helping those in recovery move beyond the shame of abuse through sharing knowledge about the connection between childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and addiction.

We believe listening to addiction recovery podcasts like ours fosters the personal growth needed for lasting change and encourages long-term recovery. We speak from the heart, identify with each others’ struggles, and share our experience, strength, and hope.

Meet Your Hosts

addiction recovery podcast host Vince Harris


Addiction Recovery Podcast Host & Author

January 14, 1994, was the last time I had a drink.

As a music educator, Vince has spent years honing his skill of taking a very complicated subject and breaking it down into a way that people can understand. He is a passionate teacher and leader who uses his talent as a dynamic communicator to help people recover from the trauma of their past and addiction.

Through his 27 years in recovery, he has managed to “overcome the slime oozing from the eggshell of his birth” to become a self-actualized spiritual, but imperfectly perfect, being with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. In him, you will see a balance between eternal optimism and snarky nihilism.


Sobriety Coach & Podcast Host

September 1, 2018, was the last time I had a drink.

As a recovering alcoholic, Jeanna discovered that she was given an amazing gift. Her talents as a teacher, writer, and speaker and her experience with trauma and alcoholism could intertwine to become her purpose. Post recovery, she spent the next two years in intensive self-work and at the same time preparing to share her gifts with people who were desperate to change their lives.

As a result, she is CBT, REBT, and NLP certified and developed as a sobriety coach. Her first-hand experience as an alcoholic and childhood sexual abuse survivor gives her a unique understanding of the shame that is at the core of most addictions.

Her formal education includes a Master’s degree in literature and composition with a focus on trauma writing. She has used this knowledge to teach adult education classes on journaling for trauma and journaling for food addictions.

Jeanna Fox Midlife Crisis Coach

Why we started an addiction recovery podcast:

Every day we see and hear about people dealing with the same problems we went through. And it breaks our hearts to know that the clarity they need to help them feel not so out-of-wack, useless, and hopeless is shrouded in a mist of confusion about childhood trauma and addiction.

Substance abuse is often no more than a dark blanket of warmth people hide under in order to protect themselves from the shame and pain of the past.


What is the problem we want to solve?

The statement, “just get over it,” is not fair to those of us who have suffered from childhood abuse. It’s not something that we can just get over. Rather, our subconscious mind uses our past to protect us from further hurt. It holds those memories in storage and calls upon them when the feelings of threat are triggered by our present experiences. In fact, many who have suffered during their childhood don’t even realize those memories exist. And those that do often don’t make the connection between that past and the present.

Furthermore, that statement, “just get over it,” is driven by modern society’s discomfort when discussing taboo topics that in the past have been considered the “family secret.” After all, we all have family secrets and have been trained to keep them.


These ideas have led us to two purposes:

1. To normalize conversations about childhood abuse in connection with recovery programs so that chronic relapsers can get the help they really need, not to just get sober and stay sober, but also to live happy lives in sobriety.

2. To educate people about the connection between childhood trauma and addiction so that they can deal with their addiction and trauma in a healthy manner.


There is Hope!

If you’re trying to manage addiction and feeling:


      • Lost and without purpose,
      • Shame
      • Fear over facing your past,
      • Disconnected from the people around you or alone,
      • On the verge of relapsing yet again,
      • Struggling to find inner peace,
      • Wanting help but not sure where to find it,
      • In a rut saying, “now what?”
 Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Vision

To see a world in which millions of people bound by the chains of childhood trauma and addiction find freedom from their past, so that they can eliminate shame and live wholeheartedly in grace, hope, and recovery.

Our Values

Personal growth begins with an honest exploration of the self in order to gain clarity about the things that need to be transformed.

Transformation requires action and the 3 D’s: Determination, dedication, and diligence.

The 3 D’s are rewarded with self-compassion, wisdom, and new vitality for life.

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