recovery support in zoom

Recovery Support in Zoom

Listen in as we talk to Steve and Annette about how they’ve been helping people get recovery support in Zoom meetings during the pandemic.

Covid hit the recovery world and made some drastic changes to how people stay sober and find new sources to meet. For many, it hasn’t been good as isolated drinking, relapse, and overdose deaths are on the rise, but for others, the pandemic has introduced a new way to get together—Zoom.

In today’s episode, we talk to Steve and Annette as they tell us what they have done to promote Zoom meetings in the recovery community.

Highlights in this Episode Include:

· Fear that broadcast meetings would break 12-step traditions or rules.

· The success of zoom meetings.

· Zoom bombers and other difficulties that come with Zoom meetings and Annette’s efforts to qualify the meetings she posts.

· The various Zoom 12-step support and fun activities.

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