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Conversations of Grace, Hope, & Recovery

Back Porch Chats is a recovery podcast dedicated to helping fellow alcoholics and addicts move beyond the shame of abuse which is often at the root of addiction.

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Written for sponsors to help them understand the childhood sex abuse and addiction connection so they can best help their sponsees.

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Listen in to our recovery podcast as we have conversations about grace, hope, and recovery from childhood trauma and addictions.

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Childhood Trauma Has a Lasting Legacy

Our recovery podcast topics often include:

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Cutting and Self Harm

Dissociative Disorders

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sleep Disorders





Personality Disorders

Attachment Difficulties

Listen to Conversations about

Grace, Hope, and Recovery

on Back Porch Chats

A Recovery Podcast

with Vince and Jeanna

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Meet Your Hosts

Jeanna and Vince met in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and immediately discovered they shared a similar passion for helping others.who had used alcohol to hide from the shame and pain of their past. Our hope is that through these conversations, people bound by the chains of childhood trauma and addiction will find freedom from their past, so they can live in grace, hope, and recovery.


Struggling with Alcohol Recovery after Detox?
Struggling with Alcohol Recovery after Detox?

When I first started attending a 12-step program, I kept hearing people mentioning the word "pause" or in some cases "PAWS." Both words are important to know about with regards to alcohol recovery after detox. The first refers to the act of stopping for a second...

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