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Perfectionism and its Role in Addiction


Are you a perfectionist? If so, your need to excel could lead to relapse.

In this episode, Vince and Jeanna talk with Dr. Camila Williams, a mindset expert, board-certified psychologist, and cognitive-behavioral specialist who has specialized in the field of perfectionism, anxiety, and stress management for over ten years.

Other highlights in this episode include:

  • Perfectionism as a result of freeze in the fight, flight, or freeze response.
  • How people use perfectionism to control their environment.
  • Perfectionism as a shield against emotional pain.
  • Perfectionism and recovery from addiction.
  • Shame as the core motivator for perfectionism.
  • How 12-step programs can help release that shame.
  • The emotional stages of recovery.
  • How to know if a sponsor should encourage professional help for their sponsee.

About Dr. Camila Williams:

As a “Perfectionist in Recovery” and a mother of three, Dr. Camila understands only too well the delicate balance between the strive for excellence and crippling self-doubt. Working with her, perfectionists learn how to get out of their own way and break the shackles of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and procrastination to truly live into their gifts and drive without always second-guessing themselves.

Dr. Camila Online:

Instagram: @drcamilawilliams
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Unlock a new level of creativity, confidence and freedom & take a faster path to success.”

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