journaling for recovery podcast episode

Have you considered the benefits of journaling for recovery from alcoholism and other addictions?


In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Jeanna shares some of her journaling experience and expertise and the knowledge she has gained from it.

Listen to this episode to hear Vince and Jeanna talk about the benefits of journaling for recovery from addiction and trauma. They also talk about the next steps in their journey to help other people recover from trauma and alcohol.

Episode Highlights:

  • Coaching for sobriety and where this goal originated.
  • Jeanna’s passion for working with people and teaching.
  • Insecurities about coaching and working with people in recovery.
  • Journaling for trauma.
  • A reading from Jeanna’s journal about her fear of coaching and money.
  • “Now What with Jeanna” a show about recovering from alcohol and trauma.


How does a fiercely independent woman practice self-care?

Journaling has a definite place in self-care. In Jeanna’s new course, “Simply Sober Self-Care,” she introduces journaling as a means of self-care along with numerous other activities you can do to take care of yourself during recovery.

During the creation of this course, Jeanna realized that not only do we not practice proper self-care while in active addiction, often our lack of certain self-care activities prior to addiction was a major contribution. A lack of skills like setting boundaries and practicing spirituality often led to the phrase, “I need a drink.”

If you want tips and tools to help you beat “I Need a Drink” Thinking, check out the “Simply Sober Self-Care” course

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