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While Vince and Jeanna have enjoyed producing these podcasts for you, sometimes they are a struggle. This one about their struggles with the podcast was no different. In this episode, they dig deep into their fears to address where they really come from. It takes a turn in a direction that was unexpected but offers a lot for the recovering alcoholic to think about when trying to figure out why they are afraid.
Listen in as Vince and Jeanna are authentic about their fears and where they come from. This is what they do on the back porch.

Highlights in this Episode Include:Highlights in this Episode Include:

  • Vince talks about how fear sometimes paralyzes him.
  • Jeanna shares the “why” exercise with Vince and asks him to dismiss the surface answers.
  • Jeanna talks about the reason behind why she was lonely.
  • Digging deep to get to the core reason behind our fears.
  • The fear of being exposed.
  • The importance of being willing.

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